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Solutions Designed for You

Solutions Designed for You

Primer Icloud

Intelligent, modern ERP system with built-in AI and machine learning available in a cloud.

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Your company on the web

We develop solutions, creating functionalities strictly necessary for your business

Artificial intelligence

Boost your business's potential with AI tailored to your industry. Make faster decisions, uncover valuable insights, and automate repetitive tasks to optimize your workflow.

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Success Methodology

From its philosophy, Human considers the company as a set of elements that maintain a balance between themselves and operate focused on a point of balance between the organization and its elements.

Discover how Human V1 transforms your company's DNA

Join the leaders who already trust us to achieve their goals...

Join the leaders who already trust us to achieve their goals...

At Arkhex we focus on providing products and solutions in information technologies, business and operational intelligence with the objective of helping corporations and their people in organizational growth.

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Discover how Human V1 can transform your company's DNA

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Do you know PRIMER?

Do you know PRIMER?

PRIMER is the 100% Venezuelan ERP that integrates the best practices, experiences and technologies applied to the industry. It will help you in the operation of your business, simplifying processes and monitoring in a simple way while you make it grow.

PRIMER provides business processes ready to operate and in the industry for finance, HR. HR, operations, warehouses, purchases, sales and more.

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Your company in cloud

Your company is unique, and so are your needs. At Arkhex, we understand this perfectly. That's why we rely on our solid methodology to offer you personalized solutions that will drive profitable transformation and sustainable growth for your business